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Not a great deal of choice for business users.

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FatCow is a renowned for its customer friendly approach to webhosting, making it easier than ever to get webhosting and for a low annual outlay. Offering its very own sitebuilder or the option of a word press blog you are given a great deal of flexibility when choosing your hosting. The fun style of the brand makes them a very appealing option to the novice web user, FatCow really excel in helping make web hosting an easy task.

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Kim Clune - 9 months ago

FatCow is no longer green. I’ve been with them since 2010 and, when I went through their affiliate banners looking for the one about green hosting, they had removed them all. I contacted support in the summer of 2017 and was told they couldn’t continue the program. What’s disgusting is that, when I asked if they alerted current customers, making this decision just 2 months before my contract renewed, they admitted they had not. Now go look at their current website (December 2017). Zero mention of being green anywhere anymore. So why keep the windmills turning on their animated background when they’ve fully redesigned their client portal? Deceptive, to say the least.


Harry Greggs - 3 years ago

like the natural feel but I'd prefer to use something a bit more serious


former lover - 3 years ago

i used to be a big fan of fatcow, but now i feel they never have the same deals as ipage. So for a similar product i just always use ipage

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