What can you expect with cPanel hosting packages?


As cPanel hosting is extremely popular, there are a multitude of different packages you have the choice of when looking to make your new website using cPanel. There are hundreds of different companies, each with a few different hosting packages, which can create a fair bit of confusion for those who want no more than a website and an email. A great way to figure out if you are getting a great deal or not is to, as with every comparison, compare it to an average. Next time you weigh up a hosting deal you can compare it to this standard package, which costs $10 / month:

A Domain name - Comes as part of all good website hosting packages. The majority of users will be looking to get a domain name as it is integral to their new website, which is why it is included in almost every cPanel hosting service. A lot of companies will include this with their service as it keeps the customer with them along every step of the way, because due to lots of domain selling companies offering hosting free with domain purchases. If the user has to go elsewhere to pick up a domain, you should expect them to stick with their new provider, it's far easier for them to do so. If a domain name isn't included in a package, it's not worth going for simply due to hassle of transferring it.

Unlimited (or as near as you can get) bandwidth - A lot of companies offer 'unlimited' bandwidth as part of a package, but it is never really unlimited, it's as much as you want assuming it fits their fair use policy. For most people, 'unlimited' will really mean as much as they can use, because to trigger any response you'd need thousands of pages on your site or 4K movies loading back to back. In reality, 10GB is just as good as 'unlimited', as the average web page only takes up 2MB (10 GB = over 5000 standard pages), but it's still nice to have!

Unlimited MySQL Databases - Again, the amount is 'unlimited' (I suggest checking out fair use policies before going mad on the web development). Once more, this is something a lot of users won't bother going as far as scratching, MySQL databases are important to those who are coding the website and need to refer to databases.