HostPapa Review

If you've ever tried building a website or heard a sincere testimonial from someone that has, you know what a headache it can be. The tools and features web hosts often offer can be complex and overwhelming to use. This is where HostPapa completely separates itself from the competition as they pride themselves on treating each customer like family. Everyone at HostPapa works diligently to maintain the most reliable, user-friendly, and satisfying customer experience in the industry. HostPapa gives you everything you need to get started online at an affordable price. You don't need to know anything about designing, launching, and maintaining a website. HostPapa can build your website for you or give you all the tools you need to build it yourself. Their easy-to-use interface won't overwhelm you with options, and their Knowledge Base features video tutorials that will walk you through every step of the process. HostPapa also offers you the flexibility to adjust and upgrade your online presence as your business scales, allowing your website to grow without limits. Their offerings encompass everything from simple plans for individual influencers starting out to enterprise-grade plans for Fortune 500 companies.

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Services And Features

On the surface, HostPapa offers domains, website building tools, hosting plans, security features, marketing tools, G Suite plans, and Office 360 packages. However, a deep dive into all the features and tools HostPapa has to offer reveals that they've truly managed to cover the full spectrum of services any business owner, organization, or individual could possibly need. This includes leading SEO tools, world class servers , eco-friendly hosting, unlimited email addresses and a 99.9% uptime guarantee.  They also provide the ability to host unlimited Domains and Websites, give users unmetered bandwidth, unlimited storage space and ecommerce tools suitable for both small and large businesses.

Your HostPapa account also comes with complimentary features, tools, and services.  These include a free SSL certificate, their Website Builder, website migration and a free domain name.  Their hosting account also come with drastically increased page loading speeds and website performance with free access to the Cloudflare Content Delivery Network.

Sign Up

Signing up for a HostPapa account is swift and simple.  If you're starting your website from scratch, just search for your ideal domain name at  If there's another product or service you need, use the menu at the top of their website to find what you're looking for.  You'll be given straightforward prompts to choose among specific features, products, and packages.

HostPapa can’t be called the cheapest host on the market, but they are by no means the most expensive either.  Their subscriptions are available in 12, 24 or 36 month options and they allow you to choose your server location.  Additional services offered at the time of sign up include Protection Power Website Security, Automated Website Backup and a Single SSL Certificate.

The next step is to choose a new domain name or enter a domain of your own to move over.  If you search for a domain that isn’t available they offer a comprehensive list of alternatives which is helpful.  The standard contact information is requested on the next step and they accept payments via credit card or PayPal.

Website Builder And Control Panel

HostPapa's free and easy-to-use website builder makes personalizing your site simple and stress-free.  Features of their Website Builder include hundreds of mobile-friendly templates, flexible design capacities, one-click publishing, and sophisticated drag & drop tools.  All this empowers customers to tailor their websites to fit with their unique vision—without overwhelming newcomers who have little technical experience or limiting tech-savvy web designers by withholding more advanced options.



Quickly and effortlessly customize every element of your site to make it as unique as your business.  Add images, change colors, modify your layout, add navigation menus, tweak fonts, alter your background, and much more.  You can do all this without worrying about how your website will look on different devices. HostPapa's professional templates ensure your site looks beautiful on every screen, whether it's on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop. 

Once your layout, design, and template are properly set up, all you'll need to do is enter text and upload media to your site.  HostPapa's Website Builder includes everything you need at every stage of your business' growth. They understand that when your business grows, your web hosting needs to grow with it which is why HostPapa empowers you to start selling digital or physical products online immediately.  HostPapa's hosted payment pages work with over 38 trusted payment gateways, including Stripe and PayPal. Other advanced eCommerce features include the ability to sell on Facebook, track inventory, and automatically calculate shipping quotes in real-time.

Speed is everything when it comes to publishing web content and setting your business up for success.  With HostPapa, you can perfect the aesthetics of your website and quickly publish content that's optimized to be easily found via search engines.

HostPapa include the well-known cPanel control panel with their hosting accounts, which can be used to manage your server settings. With the cPanel, you can configure DNS records, manage domains, make adjustments to email accounts, work with databases, organize files, and much more.

Customer Support

Have you ever gotten stuck when trying to launch, update, or maintain your website?  With HostPapa, you don't have to deal with bureaucratic customer support or confusing processes. Get everything checked off your to-do list with Host Papa's powerful tools and award-winning customer support.

The PapaSquad can help you configure your cloud email system, walk you through the Website Builder, assist you in choosing a domain name, and much more.  HostPapa's team always encourages questions and keeps their focus on making sure you have a completely satisfactory experience.

Down-to-earth, step-by-step instructions are also available as part of HostPapa's Knowledge Base. The Knowledge Base features clear video tutorials and walkthroughs that will visually demonstrate how to best take advantage of all the tools, services, and features they offer.

To add to this they offer multilingual support in eEnglish, French, Spanish, and German and 30-Minute One-on-One Training and Support Sessions With PapaSquad Experts at an additional cost.

Domains And Email

At HostPapa, finding and securing a custom domain name only takes 60 seconds.  A custom domain ensures you make the right impression with your customers and prospects.  Exclusive HostPapa discounts on domain names are available, starting at only $1.99—a fraction of competing registration costs.

HostPapa offers many domain extensions, or top level domains (TLDs), to choose from.  They supply the most recognizable domain extensions, such as .com, .net, .info and .org.  On the other hand, even if your dream domain name isn't available with a common extension like this, HostPapa offers new TLDs that can fit your brand perfectly, like .me, .online, .xyz and .cloud.

A digital welcome mat that looks this good demonstrates a high level of professionalism, especially when your email address is tied to your domain name.  HostPapa's professional business email accounts feature much more than email. Starting at only $1 per mailbox, HostPapa email plans feature all you'll need to keep your inbox organized and collaboration within your organization flowing smoothly.

With HostPapa, you can synchronize your email across all of your devices, and large file sizes are a non-issue.  Keep your business running smoothly with the capacity to store, send, and receive large email files. Depending on your package, storage limits apply.  However, just like with all things HostPapa, you can always adjust your plans with your changing needs.  

While the $1 plan is great for solopreneurs and teams of two, HostPapa's Advanced Email plan enables you to share calendars, contacts and files at an affordable price.  Advanced security features such as anti-spam filters and anti-phishing protection also ensure your time isn't wasted with junk mail, and your correspondences are kept safe from prying eyes.  Get the emails you want, stay on task and keep your team on task with HostPapa's professional email plan.

Want a GSuite or Office 365 email plan? HostPapa has you covered there too, with plans for only $5.99 a month per user.  These packages come complete with any additional collaboration tools you might need for creating, sharing and collaborating within an assortment of files such as spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, documents, and more.